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Her last song.

Cut my heart out then i carved a message in my coffin.
It said
“I lived and died for you
Smiled and cried for you
Swallowed my pride for you
Id paint the sky for you.
The stars come out at night for you
The moon is shining bright for you
The ocean carries tides for you
I just wanted to be right for you.”

Baby, fuck me right until I’m too tired to leave ya.

The Weeknd (Nomads)

By the time I woke up, she was already gone
How can you love me, if I’m alone
Here I go on a road I never been on
And I’m leaving you for everything you did wrong
I don’t wanna go back to that same place
Replay memories that I erased

Ricky hil (via domingodean7)

I had dreams until i finally woke up.

morning thoughts


ive lived an extraordinary life. and for better or worse im thankful for it. even at my worst choices and my lowest points, it was better than the monotony and excruciating minutiae of every day life. 

my point is, make bad choices, do things your told not to, erase the entire chalkboard of all the shit you’ve ever been told is right or wrong, and rewrite it - your way.