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My friends were junkies
And i was a flunky with rebellious purpose
Imperfect, searching for higher-learning, pure under the surface
Outweighing the odds, filled with mindless courage
My humble up-bringing makes me wonder if i deserve this.

I stopped praying so i could catch up on everything im thankful for.

I heard his father was a cop, was he power happy?
And his mother served God.. she’s a missionary.
But he’s been plotting his way to the cemetary.
So, i’ll dump the fucks i gave next to where he’s burried.

They claim it starts with boredom.
A little bit of pot, assorted pills to be snorted. Developing these habits, you’ll have to give an arm for em.
See, we both had fresh tracks, but mine were recorded.

Good and evil.
Love and hate.

Good and evil.
Love and hate.

The Unlikely Success Story

1 god forbid *
2 drastic tactix *
3 ricochet *
4 last words *
5 hollywood
6 closure *
7 dawn to dawn
8 prey *
9 execution style *
10 this is your life *
11 heart of a lion *
12 bed of flames

An angel fell for me
Into a bed of flames.

I wonder whose arms i would run and fall into if i was in a room full of everyone i ever loved.

Her last song.

Cut my heart out then i carved a message in my coffin.
It said
“I lived and died for you
Smiled and cried for you
Swallowed my pride for you
Id paint the sky for you.
The stars come out at night for you
The moon is shining bright for you
The ocean carries tides for you
I just wanted to be right for you.”

Baby, fuck me right until I’m too tired to leave ya.

The Weeknd (Nomads)

By the time I woke up, she was already gone
How can you love me, if I’m alone
Here I go on a road I never been on
And I’m leaving you for everything you did wrong
I don’t wanna go back to that same place
Replay memories that I erased

Ricky hil (via domingodean7)

I had dreams until i finally woke up.